Coordinate Your Corporate Office Move with R3

At R3 Office Solutions, we understand how much of a potential disruption moving to a new office location can have on your business. However, we have a team available to advise you on your corporate office relocation. From the beginning, we consider your business goals when creating the perfect relocation plan for you.

During this time, you also can provide ideas for how you want your furniture to be arranged after all company property is transported to your new office. It’s a lot of work to take on your own, not to mention a drain on company resources. Whether you run a small business or have a larger corporate office, we have customized solutions in any case.

How Can We Help?

To make your office relocation go smoothly, we will first take inventory of all the furniture and assets you currently have. Our relocations are successful because we focus heavily on the following:

To keep your relocation from going awry, our team will analyze what the potential challenges might be of moving from your current location to your new one. We’ll consider all kinds of factors from your deadline to the loading docks nearby. We offer a free consultation to get you started.

All your files and documents will be packed and secured, ready to be organized the second we complete our job. You have much control over what you deem most valuable for your organization for us to move. We will also work with the relocation specialists to keep your belongings securely stored.

Have any used cubicles you don’t need anymore? Our team will see to it that these items are donated or recycled, giving you more reasons to unwind while we do the rest of the work. You never have to lift a finger yourself.

During our teardowns, we take extra precautions to make sure your furniture isn’t damaged along the way. Every part of the area will be checked to any parts that might have been missed after. We want your furniture to fit perfectly at your new site, so keeping it in pristine condition is what we strive for.

After the relocation, we will also handle any reconfigurations and changes necessary to minimize business disruption and downtime. Feel free to contact one of our representatives at and find out more.

Who Will Work on My Office Relocation?

  • Project Managers
  • Furniture Installers
  • Designers
  • Corporate Movers
  • Technicians


Experience and Results You Can Rely On

We’re redefining what it means to create an office built to perfection. When you work with our team, you’re entering into a relationship that will last long after they complete the job on time and within your budget. Also, we focus on providing:
  • Hundreds of Leading Brands to Choose From
  • World-Class Customer Service
  • Custom Solutions for Any Office
  • Accurate, Precise Installation Regardless of Brand

We’re Here, Ready to Start on Your Project!

Let’s talk so we can start working on your fresh, new office layouts and designs!