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Welcome to R3 Office Solutions

R3 Office Solutions is a locally owned, family-run office furniture dealership in the Metro Atlanta area. Located in Duluth, we have specialized in providing both new and remanufactured office furniture for our clients, all with unique needs and challenges. Our design and procurement process lead to the perfect work environment.


To create your ideal work environment starts with proper space planning and design, followed by precise furniture specification. We also deliver the products directly to your commercial office. Financing options are available for all our products, sourced from over 100 manufacturers.


We have partnered with over 100 manufacturers just to give you more flexibility in how you want your office to be designed. These products are built to last for years to come. Seating, tables, private offices, workstations, and sound masking are part of our product offerings.

About Us

We are a small, family owned and operated commercial office furniture dealer with over 30 years of combined experience, earning a reputation as determined problem solvers. We don’t just take orders from our clients, but instead, seek to create better office workflows using the best in new and remanufactured office furniture. Each client’s needs are unique to their order of operations, and we strive to design the perfect office based on those operations. We have furniture solutions for any style, budget, and application. From new-age collaborative benching systems and ergonomic seating to sit-stand desks and sound masking, we can handle every aspect of creating the perfect work environment.

Markets & Industries

Ergonomics, function, streamlined workflows, and brand-related furniture. All in one place. Find the right solution at R3.


Elementary, middle, and high schools, along with universities and private institutions benefit greatly from our innovative solutions to solve the challenges students face. We create and design layouts for advanced facilities.


Keep your patients and staff at ease with our medical office furniture. You’ll furnish every room & office at an affordable budget. Sound masking is also available and completely HIPPA compliant.


For law firms of all sizes, we create wonderful spaces where attorneys, legal professionals, and clients experience comfort. We’re available in case you need any updates made as the firm’s dynamics evolve.


Add all the aesthetics and functionality you could want for your headquarters. We work with startups, small to mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises, understanding the unique challenges each face.


Government offices need quality office furniture as much as any other industry. Members of the public sector will work effortlessly for hours without fear of workplace injuries. Our designs create plenty of room on an accessible budget.

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